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Computer Monitoring Software 1.0.0

Computer Monitoring Software 1.0.0: Computer monitoring software to monitor every activity of network or local PC. Activity Activity Reporter will capture all keystrokes typed on PC, in case sensitivity. Activity Reporter not only records standard alphanumeric keystrokes, but also captures hidden characters and keystroke combinations. Clipboard Activity Activity Reporter will record each and every clipboard activities. It will display text which has been copied / cut in a particular application. Application Activity Activity Reporter captures every application

Activity Reporter Software 1: Surveillance software to monitor all activities of the network or the local PC.
Activity Reporter Software 1

Activity Report Activity records every activity clipboard. It displays the text that was copied / cut to a particular application.Application Activity Report Activity captures all activity on the PC application that helps you keep time records for specific applications, including the name of the person who used the application and the date, when the application is started. Internet Activity Activity Reporter to cover all activities and Internet Web

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nl:projekt - Projektzeitendokumentation 1.0.2: project documentation and time recording for small and medium business
nl:projekt - Projektzeitendokumentation 1.0.2

nl:projekt is a cross platform network project documentation software for small and medium business - record project tasks and efforts :: generate activity reports :: use accounting support - nl:projekt is particularly suitable for advertising agencies, software houses and all enterprises with project-related activity. Starting from 69, - € net, more information under

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ICU Child Monitoring Software 2.5: ICU child monitoring software, an Insight into Childrens Unaccompanied activity.
ICU Child Monitoring Software 2.5

activity. ICU gives you the power to see what your children have been looking at. You select which users you want to monitor, whether to run in a visible or stealth mode, how often you want activity to be captured and how often you want to be emailed an activity report. It`s then up to you to review your child`s activity and act accordingly. ICU features standard and rolling monitoring. Standard monitoring allows desktop activity images to be e-mailed

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Search Engine Composer 5.9: Create Search Engine for your online web site, Intranet, CD and DVD in Minutes!
Search Engine Composer 5.9

With three steps, Search Engine Composer will help you create JavaScript, PHP and ASP search engines for your online web site, Intranet, CD and DVD in minutes! It indexes your entire site, build an efficient search engine. It supports indexing static html, dynamic html (e.g. ASP, PHP, CGI), xml, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Adobe PDF and RTF files. It also provides visitors` search activity reports.

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Vertabase Timer 2.0: Track time on projects and track time on clients. Works on Windows and MAC.
Vertabase Timer 2.0

Track time on projects and track time on clients with a sleek destkop widget for Windows & Mac! Just type it into the "Track Time On" box, click start and you`re on your way. Free timer application. Automatically generates a detailed time usage report "Show Time" which is fully exportable to XML and CSV for use in other applications. Roll-up the clock for an even sleeker desktop widget.

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BrowseReporter 2.0: Generate reports and charts on user browsing.
BrowseReporter 2.0

Reporter does not show up in the system tray, task bar, or task list. It allows companies and individuals to track the surfing habits of all PCs and users easily and invisibly. BrowseReporter includes a powerful reporting utility. Both tabular and graphical reports can be generated. Reporting is available at the executive level, which can further be drilled down to the lowest detail. Urls deemed to be a threat to the organization can readily be identified

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